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During the Summer months, your heads of bodies have been keeping busy by meeting and making decisions about repairs to our building and the future of the Hiram Fellowship Center.  (HFC)   Our HFC is back in order and will be open to members of all local Masonic Lodges.  Fellowship and Masonic Education will be returning to our Valley.  The garden in the back has been refurbished and cleaned up and the planting of fall flowers and vegetables has already taken place.  All local lodges are invited to help plant a variety of flowers and vegetables.  Much thanks to the hard work from the brothers of our Valley and future brothers.   At the present time, brother Dale Quelle is the HFC coordinator and all bookings for the HFC must be done thru him and the LBSR Secretary.  It is open to all masonic lodges at no charge.  It will not be rented.


Honors:  LBSR is honored to host the 2023 “Honors” ceremony for those receiving a red hat or white hat.  The Honors will take place on September 9th and will require help from members of our Valley.  The Knight of Saint Andrew will be assigned as greeters and also in charge of registration.  The Knight of Saint Andrew has been resurrected by Chieftain Oliver Torrealba and Vice Chief Neb Reber.  During our June reunion class, many new members volunteered to be part of the KSA.


Now is the time to recruit new members for our Valley.  Applications are available on line or in the Secretary’s office.  Our next reunion class will take place on Friday November 10th and Saturday November 11th.  Get those applications in early so we can vote on the candidates in a timely manner.


Our monthly meeting is on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 PM sharp!  We usually have a light meal and fellowship at 6 PM and an Ice Cream social at the end of our stated meeting.  I highly encourage you to come back to the LBSR stated meetings.


Chuck Schubert,  Venerable Master

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