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Laurent Khaiat 

32nd degree


May 2024

Venerable Master
Lodge of Perfection


“Convince the world that on becoming a Master Mason, you have become a better man.”
What does this mean exactly? What does it mean to say that you have become a better
man? Just because you go through your three degrees of blue lodge Masonry, does that
automatically make you a better person?
I believe Masonry reminds us of the kind of people that we aspire to be. Masonry is a
platform that provides the guideposts for living a moral, conscientious, upright life. For
acting with our neighbors upon the square. For seeking wisdom, strength, and beauty in all
stages of life. For being charitable in spirit and in action.
The creed of Masonry is moral action. The character of a Mason, and how he acts in public,
speaks more eloquently than all the books and pamphlets written about our fraternity, or
the words spoken about us.
This means that in the community where Masons are seen as men of high integrity, the
fraternity stands in high repute. In the community where Masons do not have the respect of
the public, Masonry has little chance of being seen as an organization of men with a
system of moral and ethical teaching. The reputation of Freemasonry rests literally in the
character of each Brother. It is in the power of every member to glorify or diminish our
Character is a choice. It is the sum of all of our life choices. Every path we choose, every
decision we make, adds to who we are as men. For those men who trust in and abide by

the tenets of Freemasonry, we believe the fraternity is an active guide for character-
building. But it is not the end all. It is incumbent upon all of us to take the actions and that

allow us to be known as men of character.
But we always need to be mindful of practicing, out of the lodge, those great moral duties
which are inculcated within it.


Laurent Khaiat, 32nd degree
Venerable Master 

Long Beach Valley Scottish Rite

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